Sell My House - 9 Inexpensive Ways To Increase The Value of Your Home
By Richard Tavetian August 24, 2019

Guess what the average cost to sell a home in the U.S. is.

Not sure?

Homeowner fees out-of-pocket can be as much as 10% of the home listing price.

If you’re frugal like me then you know it’s important to be wise with the money to spend to sell your home.

It is, however, also important to consider improvements to your home that will increase the value to potential buyers.

Some homeowners consider the For Sale By Owner option and some are successful, however, most are not.

Furthermore, this article does a great job explaining why not to For Sale By Owner  and that since 2001 there has been a steady decline in for sale by owners because of pricing issues, low-ball offers, and liabilities.

When buyers are looking for homes they’re looking for the best amenities, mentally comparing the previous homes they’ve seen, and are constantly asking themselves “could I live here?”.

Although it’s difficult to please every single human being that walks through your home during a showing there are many ways to make your home appeal more.

What I’ve found in my experience showing homes to numerous buyers is that the simple things matter most.

Again, the simple things. Not the most expensive or extravagant things.

So what do I mean?

Cleanliness, organization, open space, and stories about a particular piece or area of the home.

If you appeal to a buyer’s emotion with a special layout or piece this will help visualize themselves living there and increase the chances of them wanting to buy.

This also may sound obvious but most buyers simply want a home that is a good deal, easy to maintain, and problem-free–especially for first-time homebuyers.

I’ve rarely heard any clients say “Rich, I would really love a home that has a bunch of issues and will be a huge headache”–with the exception of some investor clients that are looking to fix and flip a home. ?

When you decide to sell your home there are some “value strings” you can pull to increase the chances of getting your home sold.

So what’s the right balance?

Here are..

9 Inexpensive Ways to Increase The Value of your Home



1. Reduce clutter, organize, and freshen up each room

The easiest, least expensive way to increase the value is to clean, declutter, and maintain open, fresh spaces in your home.

Hire a cleaning company or do it yourself and it will make a world of difference for buyers.

2. Improve curb appeal with small gardening and landscape touches

Mow the lawn, edge to create depth, remove weeds, put in small plants and colorful flowers to liven up the property with charm.

3. Paint interiors to liven up and create unique living spaces

By painting or hiring a painting company you can inexpensively increase the value of your home with accent walls or creating unique spaces.

4. Upgrade your ceiling fans

Ceiling fans bring a room together. By upgrading your ceiling fans based on local trends it will increase the value of your home.

5. Add touches of faux precious metals

By adding touches of golds, silvers, and platinums throughout your home will add elegance and luxury to your home and spaces.

6. Include accent pillows that match the room theme

Accent pillows liven up your spaces and add character. When choosing pillows make sure to match the accent colors with your theme.

7. Add LED lighting indoor and outdoor

Outdoor living spaces add significant value to homes. By including indoor and outdoor LED lighting you can add a luxurious feel to your property and save on utility bills too!

8. Bring life indoors with faux plants

When you add faux plants to your home they add life. The feeling of having the outdoors inside provides tranquility throughout the home and space.

9. Include smart home devices and “Internet of things” (IoT) tech

Buyers in the market prefer a technology-powered smart home with gadgets for efficiency. If you have smart devices in your home it adds value.

Now what?

Before putting your home on the market consider these inexpensive steps to give the home an edge over others in your neighborhood and work with a professional real estate agent or REALTOR® to help price, market, negotiate, and close your home for the best deal.

About the Author

Mr. Richard Tavetian is licensed REALTOR® in Charleston South Carolina.

He is a Beach-obsessed foodie and Real Estate Agent that specializes in Beachfront, Waterfront, and Luxury properties.

He is the host of BeachLifeTV™ and is known on Instagram as @BeachPropertyGuy 

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